What is ANUVRAT?

ANUVRAT has already created a deep impact on Indian society. It has been warmly welcomed by all sections of people. On account of the strong support from the masses it has emerged as a national campaign for the regeneration of moral and spiritual values. The main reason of the popular support lies in its thoroughly non-sectarian approach.


ANUVRAT Balodaya

Inspired by Acharya Tulsi’s ANUVRAT Movement, Shri Mohan Lal Jain, an eminent Gandhian worker and founder of ANUVIBHA, envisioned a centre for children which may provide them with an opportunity for natural growth and all-round development in an open environment free from fear, burden and binding. With his insights of creativity and constructive vision and by dint of hard work and perseverence he was able to metamorphose the deserted hill into a unique centre for children’s psychological transformation. It is now called Children’s Peace Palace and is situated on top of a hill overlooking the world famous lake called RAJSAMAND.


Children’s Peace Palace

Children’s Peace Palace, the Headquarters of ANUVIBHA is a centre for various activities for the all-round development of children. It is ituated on a hillock near the renowned Rajsamand lake. The site was selected keeping in mind the fact that children need a conducive psychological environment for learning. Located in the lap of nature, the centre has been developed during the last 25 years in such a way that a child who visits the place once is fascinated with it so much that he does not want to go back home.

A brief mention

We let the children seek inspiration in several ways from the life and character of great men. Documentary films on great men from various walks of life are shown to them in a beautiful oval shaped hall to illustrate their ideals through an effective visual medium. Through a constructive dialogue, children focus their attention on a greatman and learn to emulate his ideas in their own lives. Films on a number of great men are available there.

To arouse a natural interest in the Indian culture and develop a sense of nationalism among children, Balodaya Programme offers a number of opportunities. A 200Ft. long wall painting illustrates in a unique manner with the concept of unity in diversity in India. The painting shows glimpses of fold dances from all the Indian states in a model form. The symbols of national unity at the centre have been carved artistically. When children assemble here and sing songs of love for the country, it seems to be surging through their hearts.

Balodaya Doll House introduces the various facets of Indian culture in a unique way. Dolls in attires of various states are displayed here – there are about 100 dolls. The promulgation for every state gives an introduction to its culture. This doll house is always a great centre of attraction for children. Similarly, ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ and ‘Rengeela Rajasthan’ are other endeavours to acquaint children with our culture. During the camp period, activities are conducted in a special manner which ensure a constructive dialogue with children who participate in the process of learning with great enthusiasm.

Democracy has become an important part of our social order. If children are introduced to its importance and functioning at an early age, it will serve a great purpose of the purification of the democratic system. The children participating in the cam have their own children’s parliament and through it they get basic information about democracy, elections, the system of governance, etc. Thus, they learn effectively by playing relevant games. For this purpose, a ‘Unite India’ hall is being developed in the shape of Parliament House of Global Peace Palace.

The Balodaya Library is the centre of all activities. It has a rich collection of books on various subjects related to children. It has books in 12 Indian languages besides those in Hindi and English. Children from various states and different linguistic background feel quite at home at the Global Peace Palace, specially when they get books to read in their mother tongue. In addition, the library subscribes to a number of newspapers and magazines so that children can get the latest information on current events.



ANUVRAT Movement aims at social and national transformation through individual transformation and its foundation is child development. Childhood is the most appropriate stage for personality development. ANUVIBHA is doing this quintessential work through ANUVRAT Balodaya.

Acharya Tulsi, Founder, ANUVRAT Movement

Children’s Peace Palace is a great creation. I understand, in Balodaya model practiced at the Children’s Peace Palace, the emphasis is made on enhancing children’s emotional competence which is possible only when children stay and spend some time in a special environment created for them. I am very happy to know that this model is based on child psychology. This is most valuable and worthy of emulation by other schools.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, FormerPresident of India

I give more importance to this centre than the Disneyland of California which have costed billions of dollors. The reason, in the Disneyland you will find only entertainment but here there is quality at every corner. I would love to call it the Children’s Peace Palace.

Prof. Glenn D. Paige, Founder, Centre for Global Nonkilling, USA