ANUVIBHA will work ceaselessly and strive

  1. to develop a new system of education embodying a scientific outlook based on ANUVRATs, Jivan Vigyan (science of living), human solidarity and mankind’s common heritage evolved from cross-cultural traditions,
  2. to strengthen and promote eternal values such as nonviolence (ahimsa), morality, honesty and integrity of character,
  3. to create mutual trust, communal harmony and tolerance among the different groups of multicultural societies,
  4. to accomplish the twin ideals of world friendship and universal brotherhood,
  5. to encourage the young generation as well as the adults to refrain from taking dangerous drugs like alcohol, tobacco, hashish, hemp and opium,
  6. to initiate and undertake activities such as nonviolence training to counter in the rising trends of violence in the world,
  7. to generate a powerful climate by rousing man’s conscience against human exploitation, violation of human rights, social injustice and violence taking place in the world,
  8. to serve the cause of the destitute, the hapless, the aged, the diseased and other weaker sections of society,
  9. to produce or publish good formative literature for the benefit of the people,
  10. to encourage scientific study and research into social and moral problems with a view to arriving at their solutions,
  11. to seek support from and extend invitations to other organizations of the world to join our campaigns for nuclear disarmament and world peace,
  12. to hold national and international conferences, symposiums, dialogues and seminars on issues relating to peace, ecology, nonviolence and sustainable development in cooperation with UN agencies and other NGOs,
  13. to honour people committed to peace and nonviolence,
  14. to extend support to UN and its agencies like UNESCO, University for Peace and UNU in their endeavour to achieve world peace,
  15. to unify forces of peace and nonviolence, network with national and international organizations committed to nonviolence and promote interreligious and intercultural cooperation for peace.