In the view of Acharya Tulsi, the founder of ANUVRAT Movement, this movement is a project for spiritual and moral rejuvenation of life. Its objective is much higher than man’s social and political good. It aims at his spiritual or moral good. The spiritual good is not only the highest good but the total good. It includes both one’s own good and the good of others.

Founded in 1982, mainly to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence among children and carry the message of ANUVRAT beyond the frontiers of India, ANUVIBHA has steadily grown in size and stature. In view of ANUVIBHA’s contribution to a culture of peace among children through its nonviolence education programme, it was approved for association with UN-DPI in 1998. Under its international wing, ANUVIBHA has organized nine international conference on peace and nonviolent action and has developed a rich global network of peace loving institutions and individuals.

ANUVIBHA is headquartered at Rajsamand, 65 kilometer north of Udaipur where it maintains Children’s Peace Palace overlooking Aravali hills and Rajsamand lake. Activities at this centre provide children with an opportunity for natural growth and all-round development in an open environment free from fear, burden and binding. Thousands of children have participated in these activities in las two decades.

ANUVIBHA is a non-governmental organization registered under the Societies Act 1958. The donation given to ANUVIBHA is partly exempt from income tax under 80G of IT Act and it can also accept foreign donations under FCRA with approval from MHA, Government of India.