73rd Foundation Day of the Anuvrat Movement was celebrated by thousands of Anuvrat workers with a reaffirmed commitment to work ceaselessly towards a more peaceful, nonviolent and inclusive society. Anuvrat promotes a lifestyle of self-restraint and self-discipline through adopting small vows in one’s day to day life. It suggests eleven basic vows and practical ways for self-transformation. In a press meet organized at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi the union minister Mr Arjunram Meghwal said that his morality has helped him greatly in winning elections. Renowned journalist and scholar Mr Vedpratap Vaidik dwelt on his wast experience travelling throughout the world and emphasized the need of Anuvrat philosophy for a better society. Mr Sanchay Jain, President of Anuvrat Vishwa Bharati, also known as Anuvibha, briefed the media about the future plans which include activities focused on the young generation and their balanced and all round development, to eradicate evil social practices, to promote ethical living. He also informed that Anuvibha is associated with the Civil Society wing of the UN and supports many of the SDGs through its activities. Similar press briefings were held at around 50 places throughout India. To propagate this philosophy Anuvibha is going to create a strong network of 500 Anuvrat Ambassadors in different countries.


ANUVRAT Movement aims at social and national transformation through individual transformation and its foundation is child development. Childhood is the most appropriate stage for personality development. ANUVIBHA is doing this quintessential work through ANUVRAT Balodaya.

Acharya Tulsi, Founder, ANUVRAT Movement

Children’s Peace Palace is a great creation. I understand, in Balodaya model practiced at the Children’s Peace Palace, the emphasis is made on enhancing children’s emotional competence which is possible only when children stay and spend some time in a special environment created for them. I am very happy to know that this model is based on child psychology. This is most valuable and worthy of emulation by other schools.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, FormerPresident of India

I give more importance to this centre than the Disneyland of California which have costed billions of dollors. The reason, in the Disneyland you will find only entertainment but here there is quality at every corner. I would love to call it the Children’s Peace Palace.

Prof. Glenn D. Paige, Founder, Centre for Global Nonkilling, USA