ANUVRAT Movement aims at social and national transformation through individual transformation and its foundation is child development. Childhood is the most appropriate stage for personality development. ANUVIBHA is doing this quintessential work through ANUVRAT Balodaya.

Acharya Tulsi, Founder, ANUVRAT Movement

Children’s Peace Palace is a great creation. I understand, in Balodaya model practiced at the Children’s Peace Palace, the emphasis is made on enhancing children’s emotional competence which is possible only when children stay and spend some time in a special environment created for them. I am very happy to know that this model is based on child psychology. This is most valuable and worthy of emulation by other schools.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, FormerPresident of India

I give more importance to this centre than the Disneyland of California which have costed billions of dollors. The reason, in the Disneyland you will find only entertainment but here there is quality at every corner. I would love to call it the Children’s Peace Palace.

Prof. Glenn D. Paige, Founder, Centre for Global Nonkilling, USA

This small  l (anu) centre is a lighthouse of spiritual and intellectual development. Especially, to acquaint little children with high values. I feel inspired after spending a day here.

Satish Kumar, Editor, Resurgent, England

The essence of all religions is compassion. Balodaya camps will command the conscience of participants to adopt moral and ethical means in their lives.

Baba Amte, Renowned Social Reformer

I am deeply impressed. All that has been planned and achieved here is commendable. So much needs to be done for children and it can be done is evident here. I would like large number of children and their teachers to come to this place from all parts of the country and also abroad.

Dr. J. S Rajput, Director, NCERT, New Delhi

With deep appreciation, I leave the Children’s Peace Palace. I see here the basis for peace with a society which loves children by encouraging them to move themselves from within. This is self-motivation from truth and love. Now, let’s tell humanity this wonderful way.

Bernard E. Mayer, The American Gandhi

Children learn mostly from their surrounding atmosphere and experiences. What we try to impose upon them does not appeal them. I cherish Children’s Peace Palace to be a real home for children to understand their true self and a laboratory for the elders to understand children’s psyche better.

Mohanlal Jain, Founder, ANUVIBHA